Frequently asked Questions

Q. Will Belfast Insurance Brokers insure my home and car?

A. Belfast Insurance is a specialty insurance broker providing insurance terms 

     for specialty businesses. We will make sure that your personal insurance

     needs are taken care of through our partner company.

Q. Why should my title agency trust Belfast Insurance? 

A. Belfast Insurance Brokers has the experience of 28 years behind it. Title

    Agents, Abstractors, Escrow Agents and other title professionals have relied

    on Tom Lawrence for E&O protection, Crime, Employee Dishonesty

    and Cyber Liability coverage since 1986.

Q. Our AOH Hall has had trouble getting insurance. Can Belfast Insurance 


A. Tom Lawrence, Belfast Insurance Brokers president, is a member of JFK

     Division 1 Schenectady, New York. He is currently treasurer of the division

     and is a past president of the Board of Directors. Tom has lined up a major

     insurance carrier that is dedicated to AOH Halls and Divisions. 

Q. Why should our Ski Club consider Belfast Insurance Brokers? Insurance is all

     the same.

A. Ski Clubs have very specific needs that general insurance does not address.

     Clubs that lead trips, deposit money for members or have regular meetings

     in non-owned premises have exposures that other not for profit

     organizations do not have. A Board of Directors also presents its own set of


Q. There are a lot of agents and brokers who want to insure Brew Pubs and

     Breweries. What makes Belfast Insurance Brokers so different?

A. We have accepted an offer by one of the largest writers of Brew Pubs and

     Breweries to market their product. This coverage includes just about every

     conceivable exposure a Brew Pub or Brewery faces. For example, we cover

     raw materials in transit as well as on premises. Ask us for other examples. 

Tom Lawrence

President, Belfast Insurance Brokers